Study of the Effect of the A206/1.0 wt. % γAl2O3 Nanocomposites Content on the Portevin-Le Chatelier Phenomenon in Al/0.5 wt. % Mg Alloys

David Florián-Algarín, Xiaochun Li, Hongseok Choi, Oscar Marcelo Suárez
2021 Journal of Composites Science  
The Portevin-Le Chatelier (PLC) phenomenon or dynamic strain aging in Al–0.5 wt. % Mg alloys was investigated at different strain rates. This research also examined the effect of γAl2O3 nanoparticles on the PLC phenomenon. A nanocomposite made of A206/1.0 wt. % γAl2O3 was manufactured to this purpose and then, added to an Al–0.5 wt. % Mg melt to obtain ingots of Al–0.5 wt. % Mg–20 wt. % A206/1.0 wt. % γAl2O3 and Al–0.5 wt. % Mg–10 wt. % A206/1.0 wt. % γAl2O3 with 6 mm diameter. Cold deformation
more » ... allowed manufacturing 1 mm diameter wires using the 6 mm diameter ingots. A 300 °C solution treatment, followed by rapid cooling in ice water permitted to retain Mg atoms in solid solution. The tensile tests performed on the wires revealed the PLC phenomenon upon the tensile stress vs. strain plastic zone. The phenomenon was quantified using MatLab™ and statistical analysis. The results demonstrated how the alumina nanoparticles can diminish the serration amplitude of the PLC phenomenon.
doi:10.3390/jcs5060163 fatcat:cvzhvu44lzfwzfubmz2q4gdeqe