Application of an Integrated Approach including Yagya Therapy for the Management of Acute Pulmonary Edema with Mild Cardiomegaly [post]

Vandana Shrivastava, Lalima Batham, Saurabh Mishra, Alka Mishra
2020 unpublished
A case report about a female patient has been presented here, who was suffering from multiple complaints including severe breathlessness, low grade fever, node in the chest, sleeplessness, etc., and whose diagnostic tests indicated acute pulmonary edema and mild cardiomegaly. Ever since the occurrence of low grade fever and breathlessness, the patient had been on allopathic medication. It was considered to be a possible case of Sarcoidosis. Since about four and a half months, the patient had
more » ... the patient had been on a tapering dose of steroids, and these were recommended to be continued for another two months. The persisting symptoms of low grade fever, breathlessness, and other associated ailments had significantly degraded the quality of life of the patient. Methodology: The patient was prescribed an integrated approach including Yagya Therapy (using an appropriate herbal formulation - havan samagri), and some other Ayurvedic treatments like decoction of medicinal herbs, Ayurvedic medicines, dietary recommendations, etc., which had to be taken alongside the already continuing allopathic treatment (which continued for about 2.5 months). Results: According to a feedback collected from the patient about 2 years after starting the integrated approach including Yagya Therapy, the complaints of low grade fever, sleeplessness, body pain, loss of appetite, constipation and weakness were completely resolved; the complaint of breathlessness was almost completely resolved; the node in the chest had disappeared about seven months after starting the integrated approach (including Yagya Therapy); X-ray Chest (done about four months after starting the integrated approach, and also after about two years), and CT scan (CECT Chest and Abdomen) (done about seven months after starting the integrated approach) indicated normal condition. After starting the integrated approach (including Yagya Therapy), within about 2 to 3 months, the patient had started feeling improvement in her condition - now the patient was feeling completely normal, and expressed willingness to continue with the integrated approach (including Yagya Therapy). Conclusion: The integrated approach including Yagya Therapy showed encouraging results with regards to the treatment of the present disease condition.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:cfuzcwontvcczpk3jmnlk5sxi4