Hydrogen motions in the α-relaxation regime of poly(vinyl ethylene): A molecular dynamics simulation and neutron scattering study

A. Narros, F. Alvarez, A. Arbe, J. Colmenero, D. Richter, B. Farago
2004 Journal of Chemical Physics  
The hydrogen motion in poly͑vinyl ethylene͒ ͑1,2-polybutadiene͒ in the ␣-relaxation regime has been studied by combining neutron spin echo ͑NSE͒ measurements on a fully protonated sample and fully atomistic molecular dynamics simulations. The almost perfect agreement between experiment and simulation results validates the simulated cell. A crossover from Gaussian to non-Gaussian behavior is observed for the intermediate scattering function obtained from both NSE measurements and simulations.
more » ... and simulations. This crossover takes place at unusually low Q values, well below the first maximum of the static structure factor. Such anomalous deviation from Gaussian behavior can be explained by the intrinsic dynamic heterogeneity arising from the differences in the dynamics of the different protons in this system. Side group hydrogens show a markedly higher mobility than main chain protons. Taking advantage of the simulations we have investigated the dynamic features of all different types of hydrogens in the sample. Considering each kind of proton in an isolated way, deviations from Gaussian behavior are also found. These can be rationalized in the framework of a simple picture based on the existence of a distribution of discrete jumps underlying the atomic motions in the ␣ process.
doi:10.1063/1.1772761 pmid:15291640 fatcat:4owm434dazeclo4qbzwlhrbpwu