PB10 ツイスト配向弾性測定用の反射型動的光散乱測定(ソフトマター,ポスター発表,2013年日本液晶学会討論会)
PB10 Dynamic Light Scattering for the Twist Distortion Elasticity under the Reflection Scattering Geometry

Kanako Hata, Yoichi Takanishi, Jun Yamamoto
2013 Preprints of symposium on liquid crystals  
Under the reflection geometry, it is impossible to perform the dynamic light scattering measurement because of the direct reflection from the surface of the glass plates. Hence in our study, it could be successfully measured using a half-cylinder as a substrate. In order to
doi:10.11538/ekitou.2013.0__pb10 fatcat:dlmpermb7nbhfnhyuclvrbicvy