Determinants of Opioid Efficiency in Cancer Pain: a Comprehensive Multivariate Analysis from a Tertiary Cancer Centre

Sema Sezgin Goksu, Hakan Bozcuk, Mukremin Uysal, Ece Ulukal, Seren Ay, Gaye Karasu, Turker Soydas, Hasan Senol Coskun, Mustafa Ozdogan, Burhan Savas
2014 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention  
Pain is one of the most terrifying symptoms for cancer patients. Although most patients with cancer pain need opioids, complete relief of pain is hard to achieve. This study investigated the factors influencing persistent pain-free survival (PPFS) and opioid efficiency. Materials and Methods: A prospective study was conducted on 100 patients with cancer pain, hospitalized at the medical oncology clinic of Akdeniz University. Patient records were collected including patient demographics, the
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doi:10.7314/apjcp.2014.15.21.9301 fatcat:7rkfch5vyjdwbad65jj5hczfkq