Performance and Emission of Acetylene-Aspirated Diesel Engine

T Lakshmanan, G Nagarajan
2009 Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering   unpublished
Studies reveal that acetylene gas produced from lime stone (CaCO 3) is renewable in nature and exhibits similar properties to those of hydrogen. In the present work, experimental investigation has been carried out on a single cylinder, direct injection, and compression ignition engine run on dual fuel mode with diesel as an injected primary fuel and acetylene inducted as secondary gaseous fuel to obtain data on engine performance and exhaust emissions. Fixed quantity of acetylene was aspirated,
more » ... lene was aspirated, and readings were taken at various loads. Dual fuel operation resulted in lesser thermal efficiency when compared to neat diesel operation. Acetylene aspiration reduces smoke, soot formation, and exhaust temperature; and increases NOx emission. The emission of carbon mono oxide and carbon dioxide was lower under all operating conditions when compared to diesel operation.