New locality records for ants in the coffee zone of Cundinamarca, Colombia

Ricardo Gamba, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional
2022 Dugesiana  
Shade coffee plantations harbor a great diversity of ants that in some cases have not been recorded. Therefore, it is important the information of their distribution both locally and regionally, five new records for the coffee region of Cundinamarca are related here, four species for the subfamily Myrmicinae with: Protalaridris armata, Nesomyrmex pittieri, Cyphomyrmex peltatus, Strumigenys pariensis and for the subfamily Proceratinae the species Proceratium colombicum.
doi:10.32870/dugesiana.v29i1.7171 fatcat:mkxjgsmckzhfbfbok5zmjvpn4e