A Framework of Abnormal Behavior Detection and Classification Based on Big Trajectory Data for Mobile Networks

Haiyan Zhang, Yonglong Luo, Qingying Yu, Liping Sun, Xuejing Li, Zhenqiang Sun, Zhe-Li Liu
2020 Security and Communication Networks  
Big trajectory data feature analysis for mobile networks is a popular big data analysis task. Due to the large coverage and complexity of the mobile networks, it is difficult to define and detect anomalies in urban motion behavior. Some existing methods are not suitable for the detection of abnormal urban vehicle trajectories because they use the limited single detection techniques, such as determining the common patterns. In this study, we propose a framework for urban trajectory modeling and
more » ... nomaly detection. Our framework takes into account the fact that anomalous behavior manifests the overall shape of unusual locations and trajectories in the spatial domain as well as the way these locations appear. Therefore, this study determines the peripheral features required for anomaly detection, including spatial location, sequence, and behavioral features. Then, we explore sports behaviors from the three types of features and build a taxi trajectory model for anomaly detection. Anomaly detection, including sports behaviors, are (i) detour behavior detection using an algorithm for global router anomaly detection of trajectories having a pair of same starting and ending points; this method is based on the isolation forest algorithm; (ii) local speed anomaly detection based on the DBSCAN algorithm; and (iii) local shape anomaly detection based on the local outlier factor algorithm. Using a real-life dataset, we demonstrate the effectiveness of our methods in detecting outliers. Furthermore, experiments show that the proposed algorithms perform better than the classical algorithm in terms of high accuracy and recall rate; thus, the proposed methods can accurately detect drivers' abnormal behavior.
doi:10.1155/2020/8858444 fatcat:royr2dcilbgrjg6zu5jjk5vszi