Yu Rud'
The paper investigates the existing doctrinal and legal definition of «biomass». Based on the analysis of their compliance with international law and identifies the main shortcomings of the author proposes a definition of this term. Biomass, bioenergy, legislation, energy efficiency, renewable energy. One way is to use energy efficiency instead of other exhaustive energy-renewable energy. In turn, one of the most promising alternative energy is biomass. Ukraine has good conditions for the
more » ... tions for the future development of bioenergy. It has a great potential of biomass available for energy production. The main components of this are agricultural waste, wood waste, and in the future-energy cultures that began to develop rapidly in recent years. Due to this potential can cover up to 18% of total primary energy consumption in Ukraine. However, at present, this area is developing very slowly and the share of biomass in total primary energy in our country is only 1.24%. To improve the situation need to take many measures, including legal, but should begin with the study and improvement of basic categories, in particular of the concept. In a broad sense biomass-the number of living matter (in mass units) attributable to unit area or volume (tons / sq m, g / sq m) [4, p. 88]. In