Antisense Expression of an Arabidopsis Ran Binding Protein Renders Transgenic Roots Hypersensitive to Auxin and Alters Auxin-Induced Root Growth and Development by Arresting Mitotic Progress

S.-H. Kim
2001 The Plant Cell  
We cloned a cDNA encoding an Arabidopsis Ran binding protein, AtRanBP1c, and generated transgenic Arabidopsis expressing the antisense strand of the AtRanBP1c gene to understand the in vivo functions of the Ran/RanBP signal pathway. The transgenic plants showed enhanced primary root growth but suppressed growth of lateral roots. Auxin significantly increased lateral root initiation and inhibited primary root growth in the transformants at 10 pM, several orders of magnitude lower than required
more » ... induce these responses in wild-type roots. This induction was followed by a blockage of mitosis in both newly emerged lateral roots and in the primary root, ultimately resulting in the selective death of cells in the tips of both lateral and primary roots. Given the established role of Ran binding proteins in the transport of proteins into the nucleus, these findings are consistent with a model in which AtRanBP1c plays a key role in the nuclear delivery of proteins that suppress auxin action and that regulate mitotic progress in root tips.
doi:10.1105/tpc.13.12.2619 pmid:11752376 fatcat:dmihnxmmyva63nifxkk4svvame