Studies of Pacific Island Plants, XXXIII. the Genus Ascarina (Chloranthaceae) in the Southern Pacific

Albert C Smith
1976 Journal of the Arnold Arboretum  
THE GENUS ASCARINA (CHLORANTHACEAE) IN THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC * Chloranthaceae (Swamy, 1953b) is of exceptional interfor the primitive characteristics of its xylem, which ranges from the vesselless ( highly reduced and therefore phylogenetically advanced in comparison to those of many other ranalean families. The component genera are morphologically sharply separable and usually have discrete ranges. One may assume that the Chloranthaceae are today represented by isolated remnants of a once
more » ... e, widespread, and ancient assemblage of angiosperms, in which extinction has played a ma.^or role in narrowing the diversity of the few surviving representatives. The family is often ordinally assigned to either the Piperales or the Laurales, tuit its range of characters, some of which are extremely i^rimitive even for those orders, together with its wide distribution and the discretenex< ot its surviving fwould'now^'refe'? this modiUcaticm of my previous a-ignment of the famil ' to the Laurales suborder .Monimiineae (.^mith. 1072). Walker (1976) has Ilso pointed out the i.^olation of the family by recognizing it as the sole component of the suborder C-hloranthineae of the order Science Foundation. No. XXIX of this series was published in Am^ -Jou/ ^".
doi:10.5962/p.185867 fatcat:nvipk6rjkvewhkr75au2rxk774