Effect of Dust-Proof Filters Attached to Fan Suction Port of Blowdown Wind Tunnel on Its Performance

2020 Turbomachinery  
Blowdown wind tunnels have been utilized not only in the fields of fluid dynamics research and also in industrial fields as automobiles, railways and aircraft. A dust-proof filter may be attached to the wind tunnel suction to protect precision measuring equipment. It is known that flowrate is reduced and the turbulence intensity of the flow is increased by its attachment. There is no design guideline on how to attach it. In the present paper, effects of mesh and filter attachments to the
more » ... n wind tunnel suction on its performance such as flowrate and turbulence intensity are investigated experimentally for two types of meshes and four types dust-proof felts. As the result, one guideline on dust-proof felt attachment with low resistance and low turbulence intensity will be proposed.
doi:10.11458/tsj.48.10_597 fatcat:tivdh65k4za7dcdeyfpp2v3wye