Verifying 'Einstein's Time' by Using the Equation 'Time=Distance/ Velocity

Makanae M
2017 Journal of Physical Mathematics  
Confirming the Definition of 'Independent Time' Before dwelling on Einstein's time, we confirm the definition of the concept of 'independent time' (as we call it) that was provided in Section 1 of [1] , as this concept is the starting point for studying Einstein's perspective regarding 'time'. In the first half of Section 1 of [1], after emphasizing that the concept of time is important in the study of physics, Einstein considered 'time' at a place where a watch and an observer (i.e., the user
more » ... f the watch) are located; then he states 'the definition of "time" by substituting "the position of the small hand of my watch" for "time"', hereafter referred to as Sentence 1. We can consider sundials, hourglasses, modern digital clocks, or any other instrument that can be used to measure time, instead of the 'hand' of the watch that appears in Sentence 1. Therefore, we may replace Sentence 1 with 'the definition of "time" by substituting "the indicator of my/a watch" for "time"', which may be referred to as Sentence 2. Usually, once a certain term has been replaced by another term, we
doi:10.4172/2090-0902.1000215 fatcat:kurykihjlnenlfovi6s2ff63kq