Aidil Saputra
2021 Bidayah  
During the Fatimid Dynasty, Islamic education was growing rapidly and advanced. The First" for more than two centuries the Fatimid controlled Egypt, the existence of the Fatimid dynasty had contributed greatly to civilization. The greatest progress is to provide space for the development of science in the Islamic world that has given birth to many scientists, an organized system of government administration that has resulted in prosperity, known for its diversity of tolerance. Second, the
more » ... d dynasty was the only Shi'ite dynasty in Islam that existed for approximately two and a half centuries and could prevail over the territorial achievements of the previous Islamic kingdoms, and had contributed a lot of civilization to the Islamic world, especially Egypt, because in During the Fatimid dynasty, Egypt experienced a level of cultural prosperity and vitality that surpassed Iraq and Baghdad as the center of Islamic power. In the context of education, the Fatimid dynasty became a reference at that time in parts of the Islamic world even today and has become a reference for education in parts of the Islamic world, quite rapid progress. The intellectual development of this dynasty made a major contribution to the development of science in the East and West world; covering the development of religious and general science so that we can still see its development today.
doi:10.47498/bidayah.v11i02.422 fatcat:iwti2vzry5gl5cs4jd6mbiowdm