Albert Glowasky
1968 unpublished
The relative deterioration of noble metal platings for electric contacts by marine atmospheres has been determined in the interests of improving the reliability of electrical connections and conserving precious metals. As part of a cooperative effort with EIA, P-5.1 Committee Research Laboratories, this Laboratory investigated the effects of marine and laboratory salt spray atmospheres on various contact platings in order to determine optimum platings. Emphasis is given to the effect of silver
more » ... nderplating. Work described includes establishment of experimental techniques, equipment development, the marine exposure site at Ft. Tilden, N.Y., the lboratory salt spray environment and procedures. The results with the various platings were summarized and show that nickel underplating is undesirable, 30 millionths of gold over 100 millionths of silver is superior and 30 millionths of gold over 100millionths of copper is adequate for Naval applications in a marine atmosphere. Lab. Project IED-20
doi:10.21236/ad0830116 fatcat:turar3f7lvdm7j27dx7nkpcbpe