Bio-poetica. frizioni e interazioni tra "concetti nella vita" e produzione finzionale della dinamica del bios [article]

Vittoria Borsò, Università Degli Studi Di Trieste, Università Degli Studi Di Trieste
Current concepts of biopoetics deal with the analogy between evolution theory and literature as well as with the mutual challenges of evolution and aesthetics. These approaches do not take into account the fact that the relationship between bios and the scientific, anthropological and cultural knowledge is not given, i.e. it is not necessary in the metaphysical sense of being unavoidable. Bios is life in itself. Through the concept of "bio-poetics" I thus intend to deny the homology of the
more » ... omology of the domains of bios and poetics, in order to find a method that does not capture life through the aprioris of conceptual frameworks. The affirmative biopolitics by Roberto Esposito, referring to the power and politics of life itself, opens up methodological perspectives for conceiving an "aesthetics of living" which, analogously, is not modelled according to exterior rules based on moral, political, social, scientific or poetological frameworks. Thus, the dynamics of living exceeds such schemes revealing itself as exceeding the operations which produce knowledge. Aesthetics means therefore the activity of material techniques that make visible the traces of life inscribed in the materiality of writings or of pictures. From these premises, I reconceive the bond between knowledge and literature referring to contemporary literary theories and analysing poetical processes and figures such as indeterminacy in literary texts of the 19th and 20th century written in Germany, France and Italy. Eventually, this reading of literary texts demonstrates the fictional production of an "other" knowledge about the dynamics of bios, evolving from the aesthetics of literature.
doi:10.13137/2283-6438/10623 fatcat:3msqkom7mvdbjcp5qq7b7jio4q