Virgin coconut oil: A nutraceutical and therapeutic food

KS Vijay Selvaraj, A Bharathi, V Sivakumar, A Karthikeyan, HP Maheswarappa
2020 International Journal of Chemical Studies  
Coconut oil constitutes the most important source of dietary fat in many countries. But, of late the consumption of coconut oil has been linked with incidence of coronary heart diseases and sustained campaign against its use is going on. Normal coconut oil contains 92% of saturated fatty acids, most of them are medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). The monoglyceride monolaurium is the substance that keeps infants from getting viral or bacterial or protozoal infections. Coconut oil lowers cholesterol
more » ... through stimulation of thyroid function. Also coconut oil has high resistance to oxidative rancidity, sharp melting behavior, effective heat transfer agent in frying, provides moisture barrier and in frying, loss to bakery items in spray oil use, carrier and protective agent for fat soluble vitamins, maximum glycerin content, easily saponifiable even in cold, germicidal and antimicrobial property, ready penetration into the skin and appreciable water absorbing property.
doi:10.22271/chemi.2020.v8.i3h.9282 fatcat:kx4gielfzjgqrpp3dhiryge3am