First steps in the development of a possible measurement method to estimate the radon concentration as an indicator of the indoor air quality

Franz Roessler, Jai Azzam, Volker Grimm, Hans Hingmann, Tina Orovwighose, Nina Jach, Tomas Schanze, Joachim Breckow
2014 Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection  
The en ergy con ser va tion reg u la tion pro vides up per lim its for the an nual pri mary en ergy require ments for new build ings and old build ing ren o va tion. The ac tions re quired could accom pany a re duc tion of the air ex change rate and cause a deg ra da tion of the in door air qual ity. In ad di tion to cli mate and build ing spe cific as pects, the air ex change rate is es sen tially af fected by the res i dents. Pres ent meth ods for the es ti ma tion of the in door air qual ity
more » ... can only be effected un der test con di tions, whereby the in flu ence of the res i dents can not be con sid ered and so an es ti ma tion un der daily rou tine can not be en sured. In the con text of this con tri bu tion first steps of a method are pre sented, that al lows an es ti ma tion of the pro gres sion of the air exchange rate un der fa vour able con di tions by us ing ra don as an in di ca tor. There fore math e mati cal con nec tions are es tab lished that could be af firmed prac ti cally in an ex per i men tal set-up. So this method could pro vide a tool that al lows the es ti ma tion of the pro gres sion of the air exchange rate and in a later step the es ti ma tion of a cor re lat ing pro gres sion of air pol lut ant concen tra tions with out lim i ta tions of us ing the dwell ing. Key words: ra don, air ex change rate, air qual ity, air pol lut ant F. A. Roessler, et al.: First Steps in the De vel op ment of a Pos si ble Mea sure ment .
doi:10.2298/ntrp140ss52r fatcat:xgt5jhxwmvg5dhmssojgihbuym