Interstate Commerce Commision, Report of the Accident Investigation Occuring on the WESTERN PACIFIC RAILROAD, RED ROCK, CA

To the Ceramicsion: On June 9, 1935, there was a derailment cf a freight train on the Western Pacific Railroad near Red Rock, Calif., there were no casualties as a result of this accident. Location and method of operation This accident oceurrei on the First Subdivision of the Eastern Division, which extends between Portola, Calif., and Hinnemucca, H e v., a distance of 210.9 miles. In the vicinity of the point of accident this is a single-track line over which trains are operated by time table
more » ... nd train orders, no blocksignal system being in use. There is a passing track at Red Rook which is located or. the south side of the main crack and extends eastward from the s tit ion board; this parsing track is 3,946 feet in length and the initial derailment occurred. 84 feet east of the "est switch, while the final derailment took place 6,535 feet farther eat't. Approaching from the west, there is a 4° curve to the right which is 995 feot m length and extends almost to the west switch cf the passing track; the track then is tanrrent for a dist-nce of 2,918 feet, followed by a 30 curve tc the left 1,174 feet in length, 1,003 feet of tan gent, and then a l r '20' curve to the ripht which is 2,858 feet in length, the final derailment occurring on the last-mentioned curve at a point approximately 1,600 feet east of its western end. The grade for east-bound trains is descending, being 0.70 percent at the initial point cf derailment and 0.75 percent at the point of final derailment. The track is laid with 85-pound rails, 33 feet in length, with 19 or 20 ties to the rail length, tieplated and doublespikcd on curves, and ballasted "mth about 8 inches of gravel below the bottoms of the ties. The speed of freight trains in the vicinity cf the point of accidentals restricted to 30 miles per hour. The weather ^'as clear at the time of the accident, which occurred about 4:15 a.m.
doi:10.21949/1508178 fatcat:kfqilpeplncslcbkdozoirszvy