The study of the Crataegus sanguinea Pall. extractsdiuretic and antidepressant action

V. A. Kurkin, E. N. Zaitceva, T. V. Morozova, O. E. Pravdivtseva, A. V. Dubishchev, A. V. Kurkina, E. V. Avdeeva, A. I. Agapov, M. V. Belousov
2018 Bûlleten' Sibirskoj Mediciny  
The purpose of the study is to study the urinative and antidepressant activities of liquid extracts based on flowers, shoots, leaves and fruits of Crataegus sanguinea Pall. to substantiate their use in the development and manufacture of drugs for the complex treatment of cardiovascular diseases.Materials and methods. The comparative study of the diuretic and antidepressant activity of liquid extracts based on leaves, flowers, shoots and fruits Crataegus sanguinea was conducted. The liquid
more » ... d. The liquid extracts were obtained on the basis of dried leaves, flowers, shoots and fruits of Crataegus sanguinea. All liquid extracts were obtained in the ratio "raw – extractant" 1 : 1, in all cases the extracting agent was ethyl alcohol 70%. The studies were conducted using outbred white rats of both sexes. All preparations were examined in a dose of 100 μl/kg. The diuretic activity of Crataegus sanguineaof liquid extracts in chronic experiments was determined, 4 h and 24 h portions of urine were collected. The antidepressant activity was tested using the "Desperation" testResults. During the experiment, the diuretic activity of the liquid extract Crataegus sanguinea, as well as the antidepressant activity of liquid extracts of Crataegus sanguinea, shoots and fruits were revealed. Conclusion. Crataegus sanguinea preparations have complex nephrotropic and neurotropic action and can be recommended for use in the cardiovascular pathology treatment.
doi:10.20538/1682-0363-2018-4-65-71 fatcat:ov26lndbuva3vgsm6bbfu557hm