Employees' Performance Contribution to the Growth of the Company on the Emerging Markets-a Managerial Approach

Raluca Vosloban
An appropriate human resources strategy can be the necessary competitive advantage that a company must have on the emerging markets in particular. This paper aims to underline the managers' implication on the employees' performance, what strategies are used to retain them, what influences their performance, how this contributes to company's growth and development. These are important aspects, being part of the continuous improvement plans on the emerging markets. More studies have treated this
more » ... opic and its relevance to the economic literature, trying to provide more explanations for the variance of employees' performance and its results within different types of organizations. This study used the semi-conducted in-depth interview method, among 13 managers from Bucharest, having three tested and confirmed hypotheses. It was confirmed that there are various factors that influence employees' performance and factors that prevent employees from being performant. The employees' performance significantly contributes to the growth of the company. This study has mainly managerial implications, as it emphasizes the role of the human capital to the success of the company. The study is valuable through the emerging character of our country and the need of efficient strategies that could provide competitive advantage.