TDRB: An Efficient Tamper-proof Detection Middleware for Relational Database Based on Blockchain Technology

Jie Lian, Siqian Wang, Yanmiao Xie
2021 IEEE Access  
The relational database has become one of the mainstream tools for data storage and management. However, there are two main types of threats to relational databases: external attacks and internal tampering threats. In this paper, we focus on the internal tampering threats and propose a tamper-proof detection middleware named TDRB to provide efficient tamper-proof detection for relational databases. Within the TDRB middleware framework, raw data is still stored and queried from the relational
more » ... abase, while the hash digest of the critical data in the relational database is synchronously migrated to the blockchain for tamper detection. Based on this method, we leverage blockchain's immutability to detect data tamper and maintain the advanced features of relational databases to better support ease of data persistence, complex queries, and large storage capacity. We also propose a performance improvement mechanism that involves connecting the blockchain and relational database to improve throughput and mitigate performance impact. A series of experiments indicate that the TDRB middleware can accurately detect the tampering information during arbitrary tampering with the relational database and the cache database. Compare with the baseline, with the increase of cache hit rate, the TDRB middleware query speed increased by 93.1%, update speed increased by 16.3%, delete speed increased by 16.1%, and join operation average speed increased by 95.2%. Given its generality, the TDRB middleware can be flexibly and conveniently integrated into third-party platforms. INDEX TERMS Blockchain, hash checksum, middleware, relational database, tamper-proof technology.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3076235 fatcat:lfywlpcu25bx7omioi2v5qnaam