Local Wisdom of Bugis Makassar Siri 'na Pacce From Millennials Glasses

P Reski, Rahmat Nur, Cucu Widayati
2021 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences Education (ICSSE 2020)   unpublished
Good cultural values of a nation's civilization must preserve by passing down these cultural values to subsequent generations. Local wisdom of Bugis Makassar, Siri Na Pacce, is one of the many artistic benefits in Indonesia that is very important to build the character of the nation, especially the millennials, with a proportion of the population more significant than other generations. Local wisdom Siri Na Pacce is very laden with philosophical meaning in it. One of the values that are needed
more » ... es that are needed to be a cog in the behavior of today's millennial generation to be of good character. This research conducted to find out the meaning of Siri Na Pacce for Millennial generation nomads. This type of research uses a qualitative descriptive kind of approach. Siri 'is in the form of Alempureng (honest), Amaccangeng (Leardness), Assitinajang (Property), Agettengen (Tenacious) and Akkaresongen (effort) and pacce cultural values as a feeling of compassion or motivation to always care about others in this matter concerning strong solidarity in society that we must still maintain as our nature as social creatures. The results of the research show that even though they are far from their hometowns, the millennial generation of the Makassar Bugis tribe still adheres to the local wisdom of the Siri 'na pacce' in their daily lives nomads. They consider it essential as one form of social control in acting in society. The inheritance of local wisdom Siri 'na pacce, which ingrained becomes its footing for the Bugis Makassar millennial generation always to hold fast wherever they are, this identifies that Siri' na pacce also interpreted as the social identity of the Makassar Bugis tribe. Deep significance also reflected in positive values such as being able to foster motivation in work seen by millennial generations of local wisdom, making it even more stable to maintain it and practice it in everyday life nomads.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.210222.053 fatcat:r56y7umsnzdjnmcuumgilqcsym