A kind of Dual Mixed Filter Algorithm based on Adaptive Filter and Morphological Filter

Z.C. Li
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering   unpublished
This paper put forward a new algorithm in response to the extraction of the fundamental component of harmonic current detection. Firstly, principle of harmonic detection was introduced through current detection scheme, and then adaptive filter and morphological filter which can be used as low pass filter were introduced together with their combination. It is proved the algorithm that use adaptive filter to pre-filter the signal and combine morphological filter with it to filter again is better
more » ... han what of only using adaptive filter or morphological filter within half power frequency period of time,which is better than another form of combination, making the integrated effect of the two algorithms be better.
doi:10.2991/aiie-15.2015.120 fatcat:pt77pmjdgbcpxopr3adkj4khkq