Enzymatic Electrosynthesis: An Overview on the Progress in Enzyme- Electrodes for the Production of Electricity, Fuels and Chemicals

Sandipam Srikanth Yamini Satyawali
2013 Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology  
Recent interest in the field of biocommodities production through bioelectrochemical systems has generated interest in the enzyme catalyzed redox reactions. Enzyme catalyzed electrodes are well established as sensors and power generators. However, a paradigm shift in recent science towards the production of useful chemicals has changed the face of biofuel cells, keeping the fuels or chemicals production in the upfront. This review article comprehensively presents the progress in the field of
more » ... yme-electrodes for the production of electricity, fuels and chemicals with an aim to represent a practical outline for understanding the use of single or multiple redox enzymes as electrocatalysts for their electron transfer onto electrodes. It also provides the state-of-the-art information regarding the different existing processes to fabricate enzyme electrodes. Successfully-achieved electroenzymatic anodic and cathodic reactions are further discussed, together with their potential applications. Particular focus was made on the novel single/multiple enzyme systems towards product synthesis and other applications. Finally, techno-economic and environmental elements for industrial processing with enzyme catalyzed bioelectrochemical system (e-BES) are anticipated, in order to provide useful strategies for further development of this technology.
doi:10.4172/1948-5948.s6-007 fatcat:rj4nnafa3neohkqcmxyxnlqdnu