Application of the Image Analysis Methods for the Study of Al2O3 Surafce Coatings

Joanna Korzekwa, Aneta Gądek-Moszczak
2019 Quality Production Improvement - QPI  
Anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy in a ternary solution of SFS (sulfuric, phthalic and oxalic acids) with 30g of tungsten disulfide (WS2) powder was carried out in order to obtain the aluminum oxide layer named in article as Al2O3/WS2 coatings. The microstructures of surface of obtained coatings were investigated. The subject of the analysis was a threadlike hill structure visible on the surface of coatings as bright ridges. The computer image analysis was performed in order to study the
more » ... to study the influence of electrolysis time and temperature of acids bath on the volume fraction VV of the area of the surface with filamentous hill's structure.
doi:10.2478/cqpi-2019-0055 fatcat:ivtf73pswfeh5mjbuoeogdiwzq