Estimates of particulate mass in multi-canister overpacks [report]

1999 unpublished
Standby [1 Supersedure [1 9. Docm-ent Nix!bers changed by this ECN 10. Re(ated ECN No(s). 11. ReLated PO No. CanceWoid [1 (inc[udessheet no. and rev.) HNF-1527 Rev 1 2a. ModificationUork 12b. Work Package 12c. ModificationWork Conpiete 12d. Restored to Origina( Condi-No. tion (Temp. or Statiby ECN on~y) ] Yes(fil:2;t BLk. N/A N/A X] No (N:;cLk~2:~O esign Authority/Cog.Engineer Signature& Date 3a. Description of Change 13b. Design Baseline Docment? N/A Design Authoritylcog.Engineer Signature &
more » ... te ] Yes [] No his ECN repiaces HNF-1527 Rev 1~Estirnates. of ParticulateMass in MuLti-CanisterOverpacks) with Rev 2. Revision 2 djusts the 'thighr] va!ues for canister partlcuk+tedeposits domn!dard frcm the revision 1 values, and it incorporatesa~[ hanges necessary to support and ref[ect the revised vahes. These are indicatedby Left side bars on pages 4, 22, 23, 4, 30, 32, 33,-=+341@/~ẽ ga f o##Y8 4a. Justification(mark one) riteria Change [x] Design HIWovement [1 Enviro~nta~[1 Fa.itity Deactivation [1 s-Found [1 Faci1itate Const [1 C..,t. Error/omission [1 D=im ErrOr/~issiOn [1 1 docment) to the effect that the 2 to 1 s~ope required for a l-inch ,ighcone with a l-inch base II. .may be unattainabl e...11, and that He '1 ..should specify a m-arep(ausible pair of Dimensions. II As it now twns out, the on-going ana[yses wouid be impactedby the amount of canister particutate that ,ccruesfrom the conservat ivety assured slope. Consequent lY, it has beccny necessary to e(iminate the excess conservatism ssociated with the 2 to 1 stope and adopt a more rea(isticang(e of;-_,.,(30 degrees) for particulate in water. 4b. JustificationOetai1s ev 1 was approved by the independentreviewer on the basis that the estimatedsensitivityfor detecting canister mrticu[ate during va(idation was probab~y too conservativebut acceptable,given the expectationthat the resu[t would lotirrpact any of the MCO gas inventoryana~yses. Consequent (y he accepted the above reasoningas the disposition for his mnt (RCR comment W in Appendix S of the Rev Distribution (inc [ude name, MSIN, and no. of copies)j ee distribution sheet. I .,= a u" ,7" + RELEW 'o OCT 22 -7900-013 -2 (05/96) GEF095
doi:10.2172/781571 fatcat:uerwpzafvzbqvo6on7ndn7ho2a