Spatial resonator solitons

V. B. Taranenko, G. Slekys, C. O. Weiss
2003 Chaos  
Spatial solitons can exist in various kinds of nonlinear optical resonators with and without amplification. In the past years different types of these localized structures such as vortices, bright, dark solitons and phase solitons have been experimentally shown to exist. Many links appear to exist to fields different from optics, such as fluids, phase transitions or particle physics. These spatial resonator solitons are bistable and due to their mobility suggest schemes of information
more » ... not possible with the fixed bistable elements forming the basic ingredient of traditional electronic processing. The recent demonstration of existence and manipulation of spatial solitons in emiconductor microresonators represents a step in the direction of such optical parallel processing applications. We review pattern formation and solitons in a general context, show some proof of principle soliton experiments on slow systems, and describe in more detail the experiments on semiconductor resonator solitons which are aimed at applications.
doi:10.1063/1.1576971 pmid:12777142 fatcat:76ocutlwmzbxblghrb2s4tt3su