Anomalous suppression of the shot noise in a nanoelectromechanical system

Federica Haupt, Fabio Cavaliere, Rosario Fazio, Maura Sassetti
2006 Physical Review B  
In this paper we report a relaxation-induced suppression of the noise for a single level quantum dot coupled to an oscillator with incoherent dynamics in the sequential tunneling regime. It is shown that relaxation induces qualitative changes in the transport properties of the dot, depending on the strength of the electron-phonon coupling and on the applied voltage. In particular, critical thresholds in voltage and relaxation are found such that a suppression below 1/2 of the Fano factor is
more » ... ible. Additionally, the current is either enhanced or suppressed by increasing relaxation, depending on bias being greater or smaller than the above threshold. These results exist for any strength of the electron-phonon coupling and are confirmed by a four states toy model.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.74.205328 fatcat:3srmqvnmqvaototesdvg6fscr4