Monitoring the Vegetation and Water Content of Al-Hammar Marsh Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Baghdad Science Journal
2011 Baghdad Science Journal  
The object of the presented study was to monitor the changes that had happened in the main features (water, vegetation, and soil) of Al-Hammar Marsh region. To fulfill this goal, different satellite images had been used in different times, MSS 1973, TM 1990, ETM+ 2000, 2002, and MODIS 2009, 2010. A new technique of the unsupervised classification called (Color Extracting Technique) was used to classify the satellite images. MATLAP programming used the technique and separated Al-Hammar Marsh
more » ... other water features (rivers, irrigated lands, etc.) when calculated the changes in the water content of the study region. ArcGIS 9.3 (arcMAP, arcToolbox) were used to achieve this work and calculate area of each class.
doi:10.21123/bsj.8.2.646-651 fatcat:y5qa3babhrct7jueqys52w4k5q