Interferon- and tumor necrosis factor- sensitize primarily resistant human endometrial stromal cells to Fas-mediated apoptosis

H. Fluhr, S. Krenzer, G. M. Stein, B. Stork, M. Deperschmidt, D. Wallwiener, S. Wesselborg, M. Zygmunt, P. Licht
2007 Journal of Cell Science  
Additionally, we observed an activation of caspase 3, caspase 8 and caspase 9 upon apoptotic Fas triggering. In summary, we demonstrate that IFN-␥ and TNF-␣ sensitize primarily apoptosis-resistant ESCs to Fas-mediated cell death. This might be due to an upregulation of Fas expression, and apoptosis seems to be mediated by active caspase 3, caspase 8 and caspase 9. The observed pro-apoptotic effect of IFN-␥ and TNF-␣ on ESCs could play an important role in the modulation of early implantation.
doi:10.1242/jcs.009761 pmid:18003704 fatcat:haw6io2vuzcyvi2lqbb6yble44