Review, The Re-Configurable Robotic Gripper Design, Dynamics, and Control

Ahmed Kh Ahmed et al., Ahmed Kh Ahmed et al.,, TJPRC
2021 International Journal of Robotics Research and Development  
The manipulator robots are devices used to perform dangerous tasks and impossible missions that humans cannot perform without paying too much effort and time. Therefore, they are used in a wide range of applications without any interaction with humans. This type of robot can carry different types of endeffectors to perform various kinds of applications. According to the Application, the robot end-effector types can be applied to perform the task accurately. Grippers are mainly used for
more » ... The grasping process can be defined as the act of holding objects. One of the essential types of grippers is the reconfigurable type. This type of gripper is very excited because of its adaptation and reconfigurability features that they have. The problem of grasping different objects with different shapes and geometries is a crucial enigma. When the manipulators are utilized to automate the tasks in industrial plants, the gripper tool is changed according to the application requirement, which will cause longer cycle times and more expensive grippers. The possibility of having a gripper that adapts to the applications without changing it is significant in reducing the time and cost of manufacturing. This paper will review the studies conducted around re-configurable grippers and classify the literature based on the number of fingers. Many critical parameters, objectives, structural and mechanisms of the re-configurable grippers will be presented separately using tables for each class. We proposed a new type of re-configurable gripper to be studied, and it will be the axis of the subsequent research.
doi:10.24247/ijrrddec20212 fatcat:d5lhavsxqffxjnlrk4toihdqza