MANHAJ IBN AL-SHALAH{ (Telaah atas Kitab 'Ulum al-Hadith Li Ibn al-Shalah)

Sulaemang L
2016 Dialogia: Jurnal Studi Islam dan Sosial  
Abstract: This study discusses the Manhaj bin al-S{ala>h} (kitab 'Ulu>m Al-Hadith Li Ibn al-S{ala>h}). In discussing it, the writer focused on biography of Ibn al-S{ala>h}, his teachers, the response of the scholars, students, his works, and kita>b 'Ulu>m al-H{adith Li Ibn al-S{ala>h}. The purpose of this study was to determine Ibn al-S{ala>h, history of his life in demanding science, until he became a prominent scholar who became a model for subsequent scholars in the discipline of 'science
more » ... line of 'science 'ilmu h{adith. This research conducted "qualitative" or library with the approach of examining original source kita>b namely, "kita>b 'Ulu>m al-Hadith Li Ibn al-S{ala>h}" that researchers using the original source in discovering new theories. The results showed that "Manhaj bin al-S{ala>h} in kita>b'ulum found; (1) kita>b 'ulu>m al-H{adith is the best than others which written by experts of h{Adith; (2) The discussion is not structured to systematize currently; (3) kita>b to be literature for hadith disciplines. The implications is kita>b includes particulars contained in various kita>b previously and covering all branches of h{adith science. Then in kita>b, the reader will see how kita>b is structured carefully and has its own characteristics that make different from the previous ones. Keywords: Nu>r al-Di>n 'Itr, 'Ulu>m al-Hadi>th
doi:10.21154/dialogia.v13i1.285 doaj:b2641cacc22d4aa7a359d60ecb7d66e4 fatcat:xe46od5jjjga3fe47rppuixpam