Phacosurgery effects on the condition of corneal nerve fibers
Vliyanie fakokhirurgii na sostoyanie nervnykh volokon rogovitsy

S.E. Avetisov, Z.V. Surnina, K.S. Avetisov, M. Ndary
2020 Vestnik oftal mologii  
The question of potential changes in the nerve fibers of the cornea induced by phacosurgery remains poorly investigated. This is a review of results of many individual studies aimed at assessing the condition of corneal nerve fibers following different techniques of cataract removal. The authors substantiate the necessity for structural analysis of fiber changes based on in vivo confocal microscopy of the cornea. Functional assessment of corneal sensitivity (esthesiometry) does not allow
more » ... ve conclusions, for several reasons. Further studies on corneal nerve changes after phacosurgery could be directed at improving software products for objective quantitative assessment of corneal nerve fibers and analyzing long-term results of various phacosurgery techniques.
doi:10.17116/oftalma2020136052283 pmid:33063978 fatcat:vbaodi3kf5honnqab46izaa4gy