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R Gangshetty
2017 unpublished
This study is designed to determine the socioeconomic issues and probable causes of Cerebral Palsy in children pertaining to Bidar district. The present study considers various factors like fertility treatment, income level, birth weight, antibiotic taken during pregnancy, disabled child in family to examine various socio economic dimensions. The study reveals that the incidence of cerebral palsy is high on low income groups as well as in families that belong to rural areas predominantly
more » ... redominantly cultivation as occupation. The relevant risk factors are analysed with the help of Primary Data. The present study may help in identifying factors that need further study in order to reduce the burden of Cerebral Palsy in the country. Cerebral Palsy is based on clinical evaluation but investigations carried out for some of the patients included socioeconomic and demographical background. In this context the present research explores the socioeconomic analysis of children with Cerebral Palsy, a Case Study of Bidar District, Karnataka. India.