Cosmological effects on Size Evolution of some Extragalactic Radio Sources and Quasar/Galaxy Unification

Ezeugo Jeremiah Chukwuemerie
2021 Asian Journal of Research and Reviews in Physics  
We use analytical methods to develop a mathematical model that expresses the relationship between the linear size of some extragalactic radio sources (EGRS) and their redshift . Result shows that , where . For the purpose of obtaining an empirical relation of similar form, we carry out simple linear regression analyses of the observed linear sizes of these EGRS in our sample against their respective observed redshifts. We obtain an empirical relation of the form, , where and for radio-loud
more » ... for radio-loud quasars and radio galaxies respectively, with correlation coefficients given by, for each of the sources. The correlation is marginal/slight. Comparing the theoretical and empirical relations, we find that the data show an inverse correlation which is similar to the theory. This suggestively indicates presence of cosmological effects on the size evolution of the radio sources. Moreover, we find that similarity in the behavior of the two sources in the plane, simply supports quasar/galaxy unification scheme in which the different observable properties that characterize these two subclasses of radio sources are aspect-dependent.
doi:10.9734/ajr2p/2021/v4i230139 fatcat:ohcjhe6anzfl7phqsiomvuzmkm