ARH_Db_Tuner: The GUI Tool to Monitor and Diagnose the SGA Parameters Automatically

2013 Database Systems Journal  
Database administrators should be aware of resource usages to maintain database system performance. As database applications become more complex and diverse, managing database systems becomes too costly and prone to error. Autonomic database tuning becomes more important than ever. One of the major issues to address in regards to ORACLE database performance is the size of the database. The bulk of the information consists of a large number of records, contained in many tables, each ranging from
more » ... thousands of rows. There are many factors that can have direct effects on the performance of the database. CPU, Memory, Network, Disk I/O are among other factors. In order to make a database up and run efficiently, each factor must be addresses carefully, and the best tuning strategy must be applied for optimum performance. ORACLE performance issues are complex, and for a DBA, there is a large number of values to monitor and examine in order to decide on best tuning strategy. The aim of the work behind this paper was to design and implement a Database Performance Tuning Measurement Toolkit for ORACLE Database Servers working on MS-Windows platforms. This system is called ARH_Db_Tuner*. This system is the advance version of ORACLE Performance Monitoring Toolkit [19] (OPMT for short). Some of the future aspects of OPMT have been implemented in ARH_Db_Tuner. It is used for testing, analysis and reporting of the database performance.
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