A Clinical Study on Efficacy of Dawae Akyas in Management of Benign Ovarian Cyst

Asiya Farheen
2020 Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research  
Ovarian cyst / Dawera Mubayaz is a common gynaecological problem that can occur in any women at any age. In symptomatic women intervention is sometimes necessary to alleviate symptoms and cyst recurrence. Ibne Sina mentioned that Akyas / Dawera-e-Mubayaz are a type of localised swellings (inflammation) mainly due to localised or generalised accumulation of abnormal phlegm (Ghair Tabyi Khilte Balgham). Aims and Objectives: Objectives of this study is to find out alternative management of ovarian
more » ... nagement of ovarian cyst by polyherbal formulation (Dawae Akyas). Materials and Methods: This prospective clinical study included sixty individuals on the basis of examination as well as on sonography and CA-125 report. Results: This study shows a significant response with P<0.001value, in terms of cyst resolution, relieving symptoms and correction of abnormal temperament. Conclusion: It is concluded that Unani polyherbal formula (Dawae Akyas) not only resolves the cyst but it relieves complaints of the participants and correct their overall health.
doi:10.18535/jmscr/v8i11.95 fatcat:qwyp3uhw6ffojd3kmx6uoai4xa