Guidelines for Measuring Career and Technical Education (CTE) Internal Efficiency and External Effectiveness USING RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) AND OTHER RELATED TOOLS

Pradeep Kotamraju, John Mettille, Iii Nrccte
2012 unpublished
1 This report uses the word enterprise generically to refer to the activities, programs, and services that take place at the different levels at which CTE functions and operates. This includes functioning and operating at the state level, at sub-state levels such as school districts or postsecondary institutions, or at sub-system levels such as classrooms in a high school or sub-units at a community college (see Connecting CTE to ROI Measures). 2 Full details related to the DQI and the NSWG
more » ... rts can be found at 3 EDEN contains a list of technical specifications that is available at