Simulation and optimization of agricultural product supply chain system based on Witness

Li Zhang
2017 unpublished
Chinese authorities have been issuing No. 1 Central Document underscoring the importance of three rural issues continuously for 13 years from 2004 to 2016. China is a large agricultural country. Since the reform and opening up, China's rural economy has developed rapidly, but China is not an agricultural power, there are many problems in the development of agricultural product supply chain, such as the low organization degree of agricultural producers, low deep processing rate of agricultural
more » ... oducts, unstable prices of agricultural products, and safety problems of food. AGRICULTURAL PRODUCT SUPPLY CHAIN Agricultural product supply chain refers to the network structure formed by all node enterprises providing agricultural products and related services for consumers in the process of agricultural production and circulation [1] [2] .According to the characteristics of supply chain, such as complexity, dynamic, and using of supply chain integration, the agricultural product supply chain model is constructed, including the model members, the external environment and the network structure. Members of the model come from the origin to consumption, who directly or indirectly interacted with all the companies, organizations and individuals through suppliers and customers, including agricultural raw materials suppliers, agricultural producers, agricultural products processing enterprises, agricultural products sales enterprises, agricultural consumers. External environment mainly includes the government which carries out macro regulation and conduct supervision and management and the agricultural product logistics service enterprises that provide services. The network structure is the chain structure which each node are composed of members of the model, and the relation between the members is a kind of demand and supply relationship. The connection between the model members is composed of capital flow, logistics and information flow. Agricultural product supply chain model is shown in Figure 1 .
doi:10.24104/rmhe/2017.02.01020 fatcat:whpadtkkhzgmvgueczqosy2aua