A Microfabricated 4-Electrode Conductivity Sensor with Enhanced Range

Greja J. A. M. Brom-Verheijden, Martijn H. Goedbloed, Marcel A. G. Zevenbergen
2018 Proceedings (MDPI)  
Conductivity is a routinely measured parameter to assess impurities in water. Changing the geometry from parallel plate electrodes to planar microfabricated dual-band or interdigitated electrodes, these sensors could be miniaturized. Based on this approach, we designed 2-electrode conductivity sensors and compared their performance with a commercially available device. Adding another electrode pair (either as dual-band or meandering between interdigitated electrodes), a 4-electrode sensor was
more » ... ctrode sensor was formed for which the measuring range could be enhanced to 3 × 10−6–12 × 10−3 S/cm.
doi:10.3390/proceedings2130797 fatcat:lif6gmuaifdfpk4ac4zx5y4f4y