Convenience Foods and Its Packaging Effects on Human Health: A Review

Savita Pawar, I Pardeshi, S Rajput C A Phd Scholar, Savita Pawar
Journal of Ready to Eat Food   unpublished
In the 21 st century increasing world population, rising food prices and other socioeconomic impacts are expected to generate a great threat to agriculture and food security worldwide. Food is one of the basic needs of the human being. It is required for the normal functioning of the body parts and for a healthy growth. Consumer interest in ready-to-eat (RTE) snack and ready-to-serve (RTS) food is growing due to their convenience, value, attractive appearance, taste and texture. Most of the
more » ... s packed in plastic material. But longer use of plastic coated material is slow poison for human health. So the aim of this review to highlights the migration of chemicals from plastic material to food and its side effects on human health.