Mood effects of weather conditions of the Zagreb population, Croatia

Aleksandar Momirović, Branislava Resanović, Josip Culig, Ivona Herljević
2005 Collegium Antropologicum  
The level of information on biometeorologic reports and mood effects of weather conditions on the Zagreb population were assessed in a sample of 782 subjects. Only 103 (13.2%) study subjects had not been informed on biometeorologic reports. Mood effects of weather conditions were reported by more than 76% of study subjects, 18.3% of them reporting meteorosensitivity. Meteorosensitivity showed a female predominance, and increased with age and level of education. 88% of chronic patients reported
more » ... patients reported discomforts caused by changes in atmospheric conditions. Apathy and sleepiness were the most common mood changes associated with weather changes, whereas humid weather was indicated as a weather type that caused most discomforts in study subjects.
pmid:16417154 fatcat:hcssysjwejdbnfnxnc7r675qki