Investigation of WaveStar Energy Converter Performance in Caspian Sea Using Regular Wave and Froude-Krylov Force

Pooya Yoosefi Khiabani, Mohammad Amin Abbaszadeh, Alireza Khorshid, Mir Mohammad Ettefagh
2016 مهندسی دریا  
Caspian Sea is one of the most low-lying areas of the region which is located between latitudes 36.34 and 47.13 degrees north. Its considerable vast area and depth have provided an opportunity to gain renewable energy by different methods. This paper analyzes the performance and mechanism of a floating wave energy converter known as WaveStar, in the above-mentioned sea. Different parts of mechanism are examined under hydrodynamic forces of waves with certain periods and amplitudes. By using the
more » ... tudes. By using the frequency parameters, profile and velocity of the waves; and solving the governing dynamic equations for the model, the vibration response of system has been derived. The main part of this study is the investigation of the effect of changing the arm length, float diameter, wave period and wave amplitude on the structure using regular wave with Froude-Krylov force.
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