Microservices-based IoT Applications Scheduling in Edge and Fog Computing: A Taxonomy and Future Directions [article]

Samodha Pallewatta, Vassilis Kostakos, Rajkumar Buyya
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Edge and Fog computing paradigms utilise distributed, heterogeneous and resource-constrained devices at the edge of the network for efficient deployment of latency-critical and bandwidth-hungry IoT application services. Moreover, MicroService Architecture (MSA) is increasingly adopted to keep up with the rapid development and deployment needs of the fast-evolving IoT applications. Due to the fine-grained modularity of the microservices along with their independently deployable and scalable
more » ... e, MSA exhibits great potential in harnessing both Fog and Cloud resources to meet diverse QoS requirements of the IoT application services, thus giving rise to novel paradigms like Osmotic computing. However, efficient and scalable scheduling algorithms are required to utilise the said characteristics of the MSA while overcoming novel challenges introduced by the architecture. To this end, we present a comprehensive taxonomy of recent literature on microservices-based IoT applications scheduling in Edge and Fog computing environments. Furthermore, we organise multiple taxonomies to capture the main aspects of the scheduling problem, analyse and classify related works, identify research gaps within each category, and discuss future research directions.
arXiv:2207.05399v1 fatcat:dc56wgf2xvazxm5jm6dokgmtzq