Mathematical Entanglement Theory of Parallel Realities [dataset]

Seppo Ilari Tirri
2014 Figshare  
The current study with proceedings totally of mathematical nature regards our reality as embodied by problem solving paradigm on quotient algebras over crusts of different gravity. Because each entity perception can be presented by realizations of a net in the appropriate algebra, concept and processes thereof on those entities are dealt with subject to iteratively derived multiple order and dimension abstract algebra quotient operations. Crust elements are multiple order and dimension
more » ... dimension partially quotient algebra nets classified by possessed gravity, Cartesian element the saturating sets constituted by multidimensional abstraction relations classes. Entangled crust operations share common causality with respect to the quotient transducers they generate. Conceptual realities are set as abstract partial algebra comprising crust elements and of the next order quotient transducers over them. Perceptual multiverse manifested as realizations of conceptual realities over set of algebras will be shown to be generated by realizations of ITG-type entangled parallel realities and by satisfying commutative property establishes a closure system.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.918615.v1 fatcat:yfta3usanrhfno6rydksczr4si