The role and significance of serum SYK and VEGF-C in metastasis of the lymph nodes of pulmonary adenocarcinoma

Lincan Duan, Yunchao Huang, Gaofeng Li, Xin Liu, Yong Zhang
2008 Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer  
Lung cancer has become one of the most dangerous malignant tumor in the world nowadays, whose pathogenesis is complex involving multi-genes and multi-elements. In this study, we try to explore the values of serum SYK and vascular endothelial growth factor-C (VEGF-C) in lymph node metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma. Serum SYK and VEGF were examined in 160 lung adenocarcinoma patients with various metastasis lesions and 40 healthy volunteers by ELISA. The serum SYK level of the lung adenocarcinoma
more » ... patients were remarkably lower than those of normal persons (P <0.05); The SYK level decreased while the lymph nodes area increased along with their metastasis (P <0.05), and the serum VEGF-C level were remarkably higher than those of healthy objects (P <0.05). The VEGF-C level increased with the increase of lymph nodes metastasis (P <0.05). For the serum level of SYK and VEGF-C, there was no statistical difference in sex and age (P <0.05). Negative correlation was found between SYK and VEGF-C (r =0.650, P <0.05). The serum level of SYK and VEGF-C are closely related to the lymph nodes metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma. Combination detection of SYK and VEGF-C might be helpful for the predict of lymph nodes metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma.
doi:10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2008.06.08 pmid:20797333 fatcat:6mgw6vs2n5da5amfrejqym6edi