Precise crystal regulation and harvest by constructing confined flexible droplet crystallizer on 3D-printed sessile platform [post]

Zhijie Yuan, Xiaobin Jiang, Yuchao Niu, Mengyuan Wu, Yingshuang Meng, Zhengtao Li, Xuehua Ruan, Xiangcun Li, Wu Xiao, Xuemei Wu, Gaohong He
2021 unpublished
Precise regulation of the mass-heat-momentum transfer carried great implications to the crystallization behavior in microscale droplet, which is one of the core concerns in crystal engineering. Herein, a confined flexible droplet crystallizer (CFDC) was facilely constructed on designed 3D-printed, matrix-type regular sessile platforms. Owing to the flexible morphology of CFDC, the synergized micro-flows generated by the integration of capillary flow and Marangoni flow in CFDC could be precisely
more » ... could be precisely controlled, which was validated from both experimental and simulative aspects. Standard cubic crystal was manufactured at the sessile platform center after evaporating an optimized CFDC (with 120° featured angle), where the synergized micro-flows created the perfect flow zone to balance the mass transfer and particle location. In addition, larger standard cubic crystal could be obtained via simply scale-up the platform (16 times) or supplementary feeding (secondary to forth feeding), manifesting great potential for high-quality crystal parallel preparation and harvest.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:gkdkjoquezfr3jlv2in4v3xecu