Minorities Education, a Condition for Albania Integration to the European Union

Joniada Musaraj, Edison Jonuzi
2013 Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies  
The scope of this study is to emphasize the role of the state and its organizative branches in the education of minorities and their integration in the economic, social, cultural and political life as received by the other autochthon population. It is worth mentioning that the majority of states, members of international organizations, have expressed their will to accomplish their obligations towards minority population. This is not enough, because if we want to walk towards European Union in a
more » ... European Union in a definitive manner, we have to remind ourselves the Romanian state and the challenges about minority rights, as non negotiable conditions to European integration. Today the minorities in Albania are part of multiethnic, multi religious and multicultural society and in many cases remain anonymous. To build the rule of law, to be an educated society, a state where each individual gets value independently from the gender, religion, political ideas, ethnicity etc, we have to analyze the requests and reports of European Union on the minority rights, where the most important part related to their education.This scientific rationale presents the thesis that the state, as the primary subject can influence effectively in understanding that minority education is not just an obligation foreseen in the national legislation but also an important part of the international legislation. We have to understand that the aspiration of each state to be a member of the European Union, are strictly related to minorities, as in case of Romania.In the following text you will find an analysis of the quantitative information obtained from the interviews of the autochthon population in Albania, and how do these reflect in the EUR request to respect minority rights, as a condition toward integration, an analysis of the progress report of the European Communities Commission on Albania, and a short bibliography of used literature.This scientific analysis attempts to present the real position of the minorities in Albania and the progress that will make possible the integration of Albania in the EU.
doi:10.5901/ajis.2012.v2n4p181 fatcat:zuioiy3zkjeerm3var25nwrpkm