A novel fifteen level inverter for photovoltaic power supply system

A.R. Beig, U. Kumar, R.Y.V.T. Ranganathan
Conference Record of the 2004 IEEE Industry Applications Conference, 2004. 39th IAS Annual Meeting.  
A novel dc to ac inverter for photovoltaic power supply system is presented in this paper. The objective is to develop a low cost, reliable and efficient photovoltaic power supply unit for domestic applications. A fifteen level cascaded H-Bridge configuration using low voltage MOSFETs as switching devices is used. This configuration results in sinusoidal output voltages with step modulation and fundamental frequency switching. The proposed configuration has reduced conduction loss and switching
more » ... loss. Simple gate drive circuit is designed using commonly available integrated circuit components. The simulation results are presented.
doi:10.1109/ias.2004.1348560 fatcat:hhohwn4kkzdq5efmgiuwmqtz4a